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Heat Exchangers

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Benchmarks of Excellence

LEEL Electricals Ltd, the nation’s leading manufacturer of fin and tube type heat exchangers for HVAC & R applications, is technology-driven and Knowledge-based leader in its fields of operation.Equiped with the most advanced equipment and machinery, including from global leaders like Oak of USA and Hidaka of Japan, the company’s formidable manufacturing infrastructure is driven by its team of dedicated technocrats and professionals with a dynamism that is virtually peerless.

Advanced Equipment and Machinery

Computerised fin Lines, Hairpin Benders, Machanical Expander, Automatic Brazing Machine, CNC Turret punch,press Brake, shear, CNC Pipe Bending Machines, Pipe Flaring, Expanding, Beeding Equipment, Return Bend manufacturing, Tig / Mig welding, Tin Plating and Painting apart from other equipment required for manufacturing world class Heat Exchangers.

Raw Materiaals and Processes

Quality is not just a corporate or management jargon, it is a way of life at LEEL. Focus on quality is intense right from procurement of raw materials to production processes and from R & D to post-sales support services. With its penchant for quality, the company’s factories have state-of-the-art facilities for making Heat Exchangers of Aluminium and Copper fine with seamless smooth / Grooved Tube, coupled with end plate and casing made of galvanized Iron, Copper, Brass, Aluminium or Stainless steel.

  • The fins produced are of impeccable quality with reflare position made of plain, sine wave, V-waffle, slit, super slit and opposed Louver type.
  • Fin edge are either straight or ripple depending upon application.
  • All Coils are meticulously tested for leakages and passed through the heating oven with hot air circulation for inside and outside cleaning of the coils.
  • Mechanical bullet expansion of copper tube to fin ensures efficient heat transfer of evaporators.

Wide Range of Applications

The Heat Exchangers manufactured at the company’s plants in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan and Prague, Czech Republic have a wide range of applications, including:

  • Window, Split and package A/C Systems
  • Commercial Refrigeration System (Visicooler, Bottle Cooler and Deep Freezer)
  • Automobile-Buses / Car air conditioning
  • Railway air-conditioning and Marine air-conditioning
  • Telecom / Mainframe air conditioning
  • Special Application Coils

Unwavering Attention to Details


Passion for details helps LEEL Electricals Ltd. to stand out of crowd. Being a painstaking set of activities, manufacturing of Heat Exchangers necessitates unwavering focus on the minutest details at every stage. The Coils are leak tested:

  • At 350 to 450 psi for smaller coils
  • At 550 psi for bigger coils
  • Dehydrated by hot and dry air and pressure changed with dry nitrogen, the coils are safe from entry of moisture during storage and transit.
  • Latest software for coils design, vomplemented by state-of-the-art lab for testing of coils and AC systems up to 15 Tonnes, ensure high quality products that are perfect for their areas of application.
  • Only the best quality raw materials are sourced from reliable suppliers across the world for manufacturing coils, which adhere to globally accepted standards:
    • Plain and internally grooved copper pipes of 9.52mm and 7mm outer diameter.
    • Aluminium foil in blue/Golden colour with hydeophilic and bio (Health) properties.
    • Casing and end sheets are of standard galvanized steel, Aluminium or Copper/Brass.